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Title Codes (for those who care)

To make things easier to browse, I’ve given different styles to the titles of each entry to indicate where each is in the process of being published.

ALL CAPS – exclusive content for subscribers – e-mail me for a password

Title Case And Bold – published — I’ll include a link to the published versions where I can. (You can see for yourself what changes editors may have made.)

Title Case – ready to be published. Any takers? (I will often follow these with a word count, again for better scanning.)

lower case – drafts I’m still playing with, but I couldn’t see the harm of showing you what I’m doing. These especially need input from visitors. (That’s you!)

…with ellipses… – quips, questions, and querulous quibbles. These fragments might become essays later. Maybe not. Who knows?

anything italicized – early drafts of essays found elsewhere in better form, usually with the same title but not with italics.