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Saving Civic’s Spirit

Here’s a question I find myself asking: Is now the time, and is 2077 Willamette Street the place, to build an indoor track and field complex?

Tracktown USA: Improving for the Long Run

We can’t know how many marathon runners finished Sunday’s race with their best time ever. Conditions were near ideal, so chances are good that many returned home with that deep satisfaction of never having done better.

PERS Retirement Funding Prompts Creative Solutions

I knew I had come to the right place, even if it was a disconcertingly dark place. Farsnow continued. “This is impolite to say, but it’s now 3.6 million Oregonians against 331,000 PERS members. It’s us against

Suggestive Moves Provoke Questionable Response

Navigating group dynamics to reach collective decisions is an essential skill for the good citizens our university hopes to train. Those skills will be on full display during the next Board of Trustees meeting.

It’s More than a Big Game — Life Has Changed Since 2007

What followed seemed like chaos at the time, but now we can see that a fundamental realignment was underway. For the United States economy and for collegiate football, nothing has been the same since.

How to Succeed as a University President (unpublished)

We also may never know whether the Board of Trustees was displeased with their president. It may have been simply that they were given power to hire and fire their university president and they intended to use

UO President Quit? Yeah, Right

Willfully ignored was an odd coincidence. Forty years ago last week, headlines blared with the most famous resignation in American history. Richard Nixon also gave only one day’s notice.

Housing, Havens and Hash

Economists have a charming term for this cascading causality: creative destruction — “destruction” because the status quo crumbles, “creative” because something new takes its place.

Excellence Matters; Success Doesn’t

Between Ken Kesey Square at the heart of downtown Eugene and all of the University of Oregon buildings that bear Phil Knight’s imprimatur, it’s easy to overlook the legacy of Bill Bowerman and the culture of excellence

Kill the Eugene Celebration

After it’s gone away for a year or two, do you know what will happen? Something else will sprout to take its place.