Elders’ Dystopian Vision Hits Today’s Youth

Toasters don’t jump off our counters to follow it. But the fears of one generation have been visited on the next. We have designed a machine that we cannot stop.

NFL Should Pay Colleges For Developing Their Talent

Knowledge and passion can be blissfully bifurcated. That’s good for adult sports fans, but lousy for high school athletes.

Celebrate the Street

For four hours, a downtown street will be open to traffic but closed to cars. The commons will be taken back from automobiles and reclaimed by the people who drive them.

With 2020 Vision, the President Can Claim the Decade

Within a decade, let’s reduce the American work week to 32 hours, and bring millions back into the work force. The president’s political opponents want smaller government. Can they campaign against three-day weekends?

A Generation Later, Them is Now Us

I learned then and there the importance of enterprise reporting — not simply answering questions people have, but telling them about things they never thought to question in the first place.

Let’s Let Lawmakers Play in the Streets

• I can’t shake my belief that time cannot penetrate certain objects. Anything in a can, in a freezer, or especially in a can in a freezer, must last forever.

Scandal and Trust

So what are media companies selling? They’re selling an audience. They’re selling you, your attention, your trust.

Campaign Efficiency Curbs Presidential Power

Presidential candidates focus now on “swing states.” That term barely existed 25 years ago. Campaigns have consequences. The president has fewer friends and favors he can call on in those uncontested red states.

What’s All the FFFFUFFF About?

It must be great to be an auspice. You’re never alone and everything is always under you.