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W2W: Eugene’s Pretty Good Idea

A string of government centers — city, county and courts all have Eighth Avenue addresses — cannot make a Great Street. Unless your civic buildings are so monumental that people will walk to gawk, people won’t want

Earning a Raise Requires Earning Trust First

Voters taxed themselves (twice) to expand the park system. Voters approved the money with relatively few restrictions, trusting city officials to be inventive and opportunistic. The city has leveraged those funds with creativity and consistency.

Eugene Must Seek Greatness of Spirit First

The greatness must be inside before it can be seen outside. A very good first step came 20 years ago....

Bakers’ Newspaper Legacy Surrounds Us

When Alton Baker came to Eugene and bought the Eugene Guard in 1927, he followed his father’s lead, earning the trust of skeptical business leaders. But the Bakers were just getting started.

You Can’t Spell UGB Without Arithmetic

The raw number of people matters, because those people compete for our jobs or become our customers or get in line ahead of us at the grocery store. The percentage of people arriving just sits on a

Time For Belt-Tightening to Get Creative

Let’s reconnect our schools with their neighbors, model lifelong learning for students, and reassure Eugene’s citizens that public agencies can team up to reduce costs.

Restripe the Street

After staging literally hundreds of different shows in the same space at Actors Cabaret in downtown Eugene, Roberts knows how to make people suspend their disbelief. He has “street cred” about how to give this stretch of

Eugene’s Other Homeless Population

Tolerance is supposed to be in Eugene’s wheelhouse, but apparently not when it involves wheeled houses.

Boulder’s No Eugene

Boulder doesn’t really resemble Eugene. Boulder is more like a cross between Corvallis and Beaverton.

Looking for Eugene Under Every Boulder

Boulder’s total population is 99,000, giving it double Eugene’s density of university students. By that measure, Boulder is twice the “college town” as Eugene.