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Let’s Let Lawmakers Play in the Streets

• I can’t shake my belief that time cannot penetrate certain objects. Anything in a can, in a freezer, or especially in a can in a freezer, must last forever.

Scandal and Trust

So what are media companies selling? They’re selling an audience. They’re selling you, your attention, your trust.

Campaign Efficiency Curbs Presidential Power

Presidential candidates focus now on “swing states.” That term barely existed 25 years ago. Campaigns have consequences. The president has fewer friends and favors he can call on in those uncontested red states.

When Government Feels Too Big

Stoicism has its place, but there comes a time when you have to wonder whether you’re being civilized or being domesticated. Down to Earth is just a block away and I’m pretty sure they sell pitchforks.

Out-of-State PERS Retirees: Please Send Money

They might forget what their money could be used for back in Oregon. So we should remind them. Every month.

When Hospitality Was Not an Industry

We practice hospitality in the West most easily with those most similar to us. But the ease and the similarity mean it’s not true hospitality, and it barely resembles its continuing form where it first took root.

Grand Tour (ism)

Young men from influential families returned with relics to demonstrate their learning, but also their wonder. These would be displayed in their Cabinets of Curiosities — early Enlightenment conversation starters.

Egypt Will Rely on its People Power

Mubarak’s name has disappeared from every commemorative site, by whatever means necessary. A spray painted “X” or strategically placed “January 25” stickers sometimes do the trick. Ridding themselves of Mubarak has been a careful operation, surgical in

Digging for Small Stories in a Shrinking World

Archaeologists and journalists do some of their best work when they tell the stories of everyday people. History is written by the winners, with the dissonance and texture of those who didn’t win being carefully expunged.

Downtown Eugene: MIllions Swerved

The recipe that drives franchised restaurant growth has very little to do with the food they serve. Their first formula has everything to do with real estate negotiations.