RG52.3 Bellotti, Kilkenny & Kent

Somebody stopped me in the hardware store this week and remarked, “We had no idea you were so into sports.” I claimed that I’m not, but that it’s a useful metaphor for much that happens in town. I hope I’ve used it in that way. But then there are times when the sports stories are just the best stories being told, period, anywhere in town. to wit, Bellotti turns down UCLA and Kilkenny admits that he’s a Bellotti fan, that he wasn’t planning on changing football coaches during his brief stint. How might the men’s basketball coach feel about that statement from his boss? Overly specific? Kilkenny ran a large company, with many key employees. He certainly knows how to “send a message,” whether he engineered it or is simply taking advantage of the outside interests involved. So pay attention to the Kilkenny-Kent conversation, which will be taking place between the lines all season.