RG52.2 baseball, basketball, and community

University of Oregon is dragging their heels on a new basketball arena, maybe because Ernie Kent is not longer the golden boy he was five years ago. Baseball is the new game in town, and those calls get returned first. Fair enough. The word is the basketball arena will need to attract top-flight acts for entertainment bookings every other week to make the building break even. Again, fair enough. There’s a way to do that that hasn’t been tapped and that’s to focus on midweek shows. We have a larger-than-normal number of people who don’t have to be at work by 9 the next morning, so Eugene could become the best place to be on a Wednesday evening. That avoids the direct competition with Portland and Seattle and fills in the calendar for the touring performers. But the Ducks can do more to help themselves in this area by making sure that the baseball stadium is likewise designed for multiple use. They’ll give the Cuthbert a run for its money, and what’s wrong with that? A promoter who has access to both venues would be able to do more with each.