RG51.3 redbox movie kiosks

The redbox movie kiosks are spreading like wildfire, and the PR machine is doing its thing. But the movement augurs a far more radical shift, unnoticed in the media. If you haven’t seen them, you haven’t been to a McDonald’s and you don’t grocery shop at Albertsons. These oversized vending machines are essentially video juke boxes, giving you a choice of dozens of movies to rent for $1 a night. Everybody loves the “always a dollar” price point, but they stop reading two words too soon. The price is “one dollar PER NIGHT.” After 25 days, the movie is yours to keep for the $25 you’ve been charged. Note this. Never before have consumers given a vending machine its credit card info and the authority to charge the card every day for a month for a purchase being made tonight. That’s a level of trust in a machine that’s simply never been attained before.