RG49.2 Questions to ask city manager candidates

Eugene City Council will meet this Friday to begin strategizing for City Manager candidate interviews. We can’t have just the usual questions, or we’ll get a usual candidate. Not good for us. Examples of possible “out of left field” questions:

– Look at the Hult Center as seen from 6th Avenue
westbound, a state route that carries 20,000 cars per day. If money
were no object, what would you do with that blank canvass? If you
could only spend $10,000, what would you do?

– Eugene voters recently moved some power from the city manager to an
independent police auditor, hired by and responsible to the city
council directly. There have been rumblings for years about changing
how departments are audited and how legal services are dispensed.
Eugene is by some counts the largest population in the United States
served by a city-manager form of government. The form has its
skeptics. How will you respond to them?

– Name three things you know about Eugene that you didn’t learn by
googling us or by talking to somebody who knows somebody who once
lived here for a little while. What do those three things mean to you,
and if you become our city manager, what do you hope they come to mean
to us?