RG47 combining three

As you can see, I tried to limit myself to a single idea with many different angles for this week’s essay. I had to. Don’t ask me about the pasta dishes at any Italian restaurant that serves pizza. If pizza is on the menu, I can’t not order it. Likewise, Eugene civic affairs. If there’s a local topic to be explored, I have to choose it. So I’m taking a local fast this week, and writing about something national. My goal is to show some trends or introduce some ideas that I’ve not seen anyone else write about. The length of a name has gone completely unnoticed, so I’m going with that, but I’ve also folded in the shopping motif and a little bit about Baby Boomers being afraid to retire. I’ve maybe overdone it, stuffing too much on my plate. But I’ve denied myself these national issues for so long, you’ll excuse me if I binge for a week I hope.