RG44.1 flex your muscles, Eugene

A friend picked me up in Washington, D.C. to do some sightseeing after I finished with a conference. She was driving a Flex-Car, which is not a really tiny version of the Em-X, which bends in the middle. But in another way, it sort of is. She owns a share of the car. Four hours a week. It’s like a time-share on wheels. It’s perfect for her. Flex-Car programs are starting to gain approval and members in large cities with good mass transit. Eugene is too small a town to support such a program, but who cares? We cut in line all the time. Who will start one here? Or, if that’s too ambitious, how about a “flex-bike” membership rental program, using the same technology? (Smart-cards, on-line reservations, GPS tracking and security, “cool” branding, etc.) LTD could use the program to make the “stations” concept beneath BRT more acceptable to people. Mayor Piercy couldwin credit for taking on “personal transportation,” which is the biggest culprit for global warming. And Eugene gets another feather in its cap.