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RG43.2 anything you can do, I can do meta

October 24th, 2007 by dk

My friends know I’m endlessly fascinated with meta-issues, i.e. the issue beneath the issue or the issue surrounding the issue. How did this get to be an issue? Who is making it an issue? Who is keeping it as an issue? In Eugene, some of the progressives sometimes dislike progress. I’ve long wondered why that is. Specifically, they often and again lead the movement against urban renewal districts. That’s not the left’s usual role, but it’s reliably so here in Eugene. Why? I have formulated my own opinions, and I’m ready to say them out loud. It may anger some folks whom I respect. But maybe they’ll respond in ways that I’ll learn something.

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  • 1 Betty Vail Oct 26, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    i read your register guard article 10/26. i had hoped you would address the issues brought forth from people like rob handy of the RRSC….about measure 20-134. specifically that the city/citizens have not decided on what we want for downtown and this would be left up to the two developers….and such things as a park would not be included….please, you have a good mind….can you not respond to these issues? Your character analysis of protesters appears to be based from a person who is dug in to a particular position and needs to justify it instead of responding to the issues at hand…..i would like to know what you think about the objections presented….

  • 2 Pam Wooddell Oct 27, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    I found the 10/26 article to be pretty lame and insulting. I am looking for intelligent discussion of this issue to sort through the distortions likely put out on both sides. I started out in favor of the urban renewal measure but on closer inspection have decided this particular deal is a bad one.
    I take a lot of pride in my town and I go downtown often to eat, listen to music and dance. I actually think there is more going on than many people may realize. I think if the city could just find a way to be rid of parking meters it would do a lot to improve the business climate and more individual entrepreneuers could have some creative fun there.
    While it is very tempting to go for the quick “just get it done” fix, we could find ourselves in a real jam if the planning isn’t done carefully. The guaranteed 13% profit for the developer could be a real problem if we end up with more places like the ones they put up at Charnelton and Broadway. Aside from The Broadway those blocks are just bland and empty-looking with a permanent “for rent” sign hanging sadly on the side.