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RG25 What do we call it?

June 18th, 2008 by dk

First a little housekeeping, for insiders. (You can skip this paragraph and suffer no consequences.) I’ve fallen off the wagon for the past month or so, not posting rough ideas and really not posting anything to the site. This is partly because a redesign of the site broke a couple of things, which led to feedblitz not working, which led to fewer people visiting the site. Thanks to very helpful people at feedblitz, they tell me it’s working again. Did you know you can have each post sent to you by e-mail automatically? It’s easy, it’s free and it’s cool. The second reason I’ve not been posting is because “real life” (which now requires “quotes”) has been extremely interesting. As a result, I will soon begin blogging much more than the fodder for and results of my Friday’s columns. I’d give you all the details of what’s coming, but I promised people who are already reading the second paragraph that they would suffer no consequences. So it’ll be a separate post, in a few days.

This Friday will be a good day, because I will look smarter than I am. (Do you have a better definition of a good day?) I wanted to write about Toby’s “problem,” which I heard about from a careful reader. (Thanks, David!) Toby’s Tofu Paté is expanding to a wider region and outside of this area, almost everybody hates either tofu or paté. So what to call it? It’s a lesson learned over and over for Eugene, and I thought the timing was good because a week from now we’ll have more people coming from farther away and staying longer with fewer preconceptions than ever before. So it’s a good time to rehearse how we talk about ourselves.

But then Toby (who answered the phone and recognized my voice — how small a town!) told me that this Friday, a group of culinary enthusiasts are coming to town to be served lunch at Toby’s as part of a “field trip” to learn more about natural foods that come from this special little corner of the world. So readers will naturally assume I knew about this luncheon and field trip beforehand. In other words, they will think I’m smarter than I am. A good day.

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