RG19 potholes

I had two angles on the pothole issue, but I found a way to combine them. The first was the “Broken Windows” revelation, that pure logic won’t lead you to the best solutions when you are dealing with anything that involves a deteriorating infrastructure, be it windows in abandoned buildings, graffiti on fences, or street divots under our tires. This model doesn’t fit perfectly because potholes are not marauding miscreants, looking for trouble. Unless I make them that. That little problem led me straight to my more fanciful idea that our two downtown pits are nothing but huge potholes, the mammy and pappy of all the spawn we drive over. That idea sounded like fun, but stretching it to 700 words might take some work, and what in the end would be the point? So once again, as is so often the case, one solution was cleverly disguised as two problems. It was just a matter of making the parts fit into a cohesive hole. I mean, whole.