RG18.1 Dems for Hillary

All Democrats in Oregon should be rooting for Hillary this week in Indiana and North Carolina. In fact, all Oregonians should be hoping the race for the Democratic nomination continues after Tuesday, because that means Oregon will get its turn in the national spotlight. Maybe we’ll even get a debate between these two. Obama doesn’t want another debate, and he cleverly said “I could give Hillary’s lines. And I’m sure she could give mine.” After 21 debates, it’s all been said. But then Hillary responded with her own clever solution, tacitly admitting the point. She proposed a debate without moderators. They can ask the questions and give the answers without anyone else sharing the stage. If the race stays close, Obama may need to agree to debate in Oregon. And that means both sides will have to become fluent in Oregon issues. They may even make some promises that we can hold them to later. But there are a few people who might not want this contest to continue beyond next Tuesday. Bobby Green and Jim Torrey are both running in non-partisan races against more liberal opponents. If the Democratic presidential nomination is decided before Oregon’s ballots arrive in the mail, who knows how many left-leaning voters will throw their ballots away because their vote, be it for Clinton or Obama, won’t count for anything after all?