RG17.2 work and the city council

Eugene City Councilors work hard. But many of them also work. George Poling has attracted attention by asking his fellow councilors to grant him a three-month leave of absence while he trains for a new job as a TSA screener at the Eugene airport. At the same time, Councilor Chris Pryor has begun a new job as the local head of Red Cross. Not too long ago, Councilor Alan Zelenka switched jobs too. What gives? Taylor and Piercy are retired, Clark is self-employed and Solomon doesn’t work. Apparently, PeaceHealth is the only local employer who can offer a schedule that really works for a Eugene city councilor. Ortiz and Bettman are the only councilors still in good graces with their employers. Maybe there’s a better explanation, but my guess is that these people work so hard that their employers begin to notice that their capacity at work has diminished. It’s something to pay attention to.