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RG15.3 going out of business

April 6th, 2008 by dk

I feel bad for Willamette Rep Theatre, closing after ten years of trying hard hard hard to get people to pay $30 and up for professional theatre here in Eugene. There are many culprits who had the lead pipe in the drawing room who could be blamed for the company’s sad demise. But the truth is the people of Eugene simply didn’t go to the shows. That may be for any number of reasons, and I can’t judge them for spending their money and their evenings elsewhere — but I really lose patience for the sadness those same people express, now that the jig is up. They feel Kirk and Mike’s pain. They’re so-o-o-o sorry to hear the news. Man, life sucks, I’m with ya, it’s just not fair. No, the sympathy from people who didn’t care when it counted is not acceptable. It’s actually hurtful. I know. I’ve been there. Feeling bad but not changing behavior is a waste of perfectly good bad feelings. And in this case, as with Comic News and Flicks ‘n Pics, and too many others to count, it’s too late to change behavior. So please, channel that regret toward whoever you think might be next to die because other people (that means you) didn’t care enough to keep them going when you could.

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