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RG14.3 news cycles and presidential politics

March 30th, 2008 by dk

I’ve waited and waited, but nobody on the national scene is saying what I believe is self-evident. (Maybe this is because they are the selves it’s evidence upon.) Over and over, the question is being asked whether the Democrats are hurting themselves by not declaring a winner and moving on to the general election. It’s certainly true that a bloodbath in Denver will do the Dems no good, but the opposite extreme is only slightly better. If either candidate bowed out tomorrow, giving the other a clear path to the November contest, the news coverage would drop to near-zero until the convention. Look at poor John McCain right now, standing in that darkened corner with no TV lights, mumbling “don’t forget about me.” News doesn’t love a winner so much as a fight. The Dems get all the air time right now. They dominate every news cycle. And there are about 180 of them until it begins to really matter. If the Dems could somehow keep the race going, but steer their rhetoric away from one another toward their presumptive opponent, then the Dems are having their cakewalk and eating (as in chewing up the scenery) it too. “I’m smarter than McCain because….” “No, I’m tougher than McCain because….”

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