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RG14.2 sameness inside silliness

March 30th, 2008 by dk

Saturday Market will turn 40 soon, and so it’s time to ask the question every 40-something eventually has to ask: “Now that I’ve figured out how to do it (viz. life), how do I keep it interesting?” When the tents go up on Saturday to begin the season, it will look just the same as it looked a year before and a year before that. Small changes in how things are done are mostly hidden from the crowds — nothing should distract from the marvelous new ideas the vendors have hatched over the winter, or the reliable rectitude that some vendors and customers have opposing change of any sort. How to keep the zaniness not only alive, but in the right proportions using the same recipe, year after year? As the last of the children born in the 60s begin to turn 40 or further, the answer may be the Market’s best legacy.

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