RG13.3 diversity and liberalism at colleges

High school seniors are watching the mail this month and next, waiting to see where acceptance might come from. Most of us are wondering this all the time, but for a brief period in late adolescence, anyone with college aspirations knows where to look: the mail. Thick envelopes are good. It takes but a page to deliver bad news. Now is the time to reflect on why professors and campuses, especially at liberal arts schools, lean left. It’s not pure economics, though that plays a part. It’s really the admissions department that is responsible. There are very few jobs left in America where social engineering (a cornerstone liberal ideal) is practiced in the open. But when schools are choosing students — and in many cases, assigning roommates — the admissions department is seeking diversity on every level they can identify. Diversity is also a liberal ideal, so stocking a pond with a wide variety of new fish every year is naturally going to attract a certain sort of fisherman. So it should come as no surprise that liberal professors love the world a campus can represent. It may not accurately reflect the rest of the world, which would then be the second reason liberal profs tend to stay put.