RG11 recipe for less controversy

Yesterday I gave a talk to four dozen seniors about all the issues that never come up when an election approaches because they are either smaller or larger than the “horse race” of who might win. It was a free-ranging discussion, as these things often are. It included such topics as:
– Gerrymandered districts, computers & “communities of interest”
– Public Law 62-5 (look it up)
– Television’s windfall during close elections
– Electoral college and so-called “superdelegates”
– Preference voting & instant run-off voting
– Campaign finance reform
– Voting machines with no paper trail
– The double effect of negative advertising

There was more, but you can see it went on for a while. One topic that captured their imagination was the difference in tone set by Eugene’s and Springfield’s municipal voting procedures. “Will you write about that?” asked one fellow. I said I would.