RG10.3 charisma vs. brains

Democrats mostly choose the smartest person in the room to be their top-of-the-ticket candidate. They like smart people, because they think of themselves as smart people. Trouble is, most people in America don’t. And they certainly don’t when it comes to political campaigns. They know what they know by what gets shown while they are waiting for their tee-vee shows to begin. They’re watching, but inattentively. They don’t turn up the volume when the chips are extra crunchy — they just take in what they can. And most of what they can is tone of voice, posture, does the smile seem genuine? Smart people deride this standard as “who would you want to have a beer with?” — but the fact is that’s what’s true for most people. They eat dinner (probably with a beer to wash things down) with the tee-vee on most nights, and that means the news, and that means the president. People are choosing who to invite in during the dinner hour for four years. Nobody’s saying that if you don’t like it, it won’t be so.