RG09 fifth Friday footnotes

I intended to reserve “fifth Fridays” for smaller ideas, strung together in no meaningful order. It’s something I still think is worth doing, just to sidestep the coercion that is built into a 700-word essay. Most ideas are simply too small or too large to fit comfortably into such a strict container. But maybe I made a mistake the first time, because I managed to weave the ideas into something that resembled coherence — complete with a loop-back to the first, seemingly unrelated item. It was clever and satisfying, but it defeated my larger purpose of creating a space for things that won’t otherwise fit. This week, I sat to do the same thing, but again felt compelled to create a meta-meaning. It was only too easy, because half a dozen small ideas were related to downtown development opportunities on Eugene’s east end. So instead, I ended up with a small urban planning vision for downtown Eugene’s east end. May 30th will be my next opportunity. We’ll see whether I can manage to regain my original vision for fifth Fridays by then.