RG06 domestically partnered

I’m always something between befuddled and discouraged that people who care deeply about something seem unable to see the negative space around that thing. It’s as if they stare so intently at the thing they wish to protect or attack, that they see nothing else around it. And so those who care most deeply either for or against something are least able to reposition it, when that may be the most elegant solution. This is the path I take most often to arrive at simple solutions to complicated problems. (Concerned about prison overcrowding? Arrest smaller people!) In the case of gay marriage or civil unions or domestic partnerships or whatever you want to call it, it seems ludicrous to me that we examine the issue apart from divorce or hook-ups, which are also contributing (and more substantially) to the demise of marriage as we have known it. So I chose to write this week about an elegant solution to this emotional issue that hit the headlines this week, because domestic partnering was allowed beginning Monday. I had the time hook, and a local hook (thanks to a small but interesting piece of legislation from local state senator Vicki Walker.) Plus the legislature is in session, so maybe somebody will read it and say “ah ha.” I’m not holding my breath. It’s really a modest proposal, in both senses of that phrase.