RG05.2 City manager questions

This weekend the three finalists to become Eugene’s next city manager will be in town to answer questions, first from a citizen panel selected by the mayor and the councilors, and then from the city councilors themselves. I’m fortunate to be in the former group. (I’m doubly fortunate NOT to be in the latter group, but never mind.) So here’s the question to each of you. If you could ask any question of the potential city managers, what would that question be? (I may try to assemble the suggestions into a column. And I may take the best suggested question and make it my own. We’re only allowed one, according to the procedure that’s been designed.) So far, here’s the best I’ve come up with: “As a candidate for employment, you are still an outsider. Tell us one thing you believe to be true about Eugene and/or its government that you wouldn’t dare say for the first time after you’ve been hired and become an ‘insider.'”