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RG02.1 how to fix the BCS

January 7th, 2008 by dk

I won’t write this one this week (I promise), but I want to go on record with a solution to the every-January hand-wringing about the how the BCS chooses the top two football teams to play for the championship. Specifically, people don’t trust the computer rankings, and those make up a third of the BCS formula. Here’s what they should do. Employ a polling company to do a statistically valid survey each week that rates how well the computer rankings captured what fans believed was true after the previous week. Devise a formula that weights the computer rankings up to half the total scoring or down to zero, depending on the polling. In other words, regular people won’t be able to rank the teams but they will be able to rank the work of the computers. BCS could come to mean “but computers suck” when it comes to picking favorite teams. (I won’t write about it because I write too often about sports, or so it seems. Of course this, like so many others, isn’t really about sports as much as public opinion, but still.)

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