RG02 Tale of two cities

I raised two boys, a few years apart, so I know what it’s like to try to get a decent portrait of both of them, side-by-side. Inevitably, one would be making faces, or one would try to “out-cute” the other. Always competitive, it was near impossible to get a true picture of both of them in the same shot. It’s probably no different with cities, when they are close together and constantly compared, the way Eugene and Springfield are. So it was a rare opportunity this week to see each mayor put their city’s best foot forward in their State of the City addresses. I made it to both and scribbled down a bunch of ways that they differed. I hope I succeeded in making the point that the two towns are different but equally lovable. You’ll read the post that follows this one and then tell me if I succeeded. My boys will tell me privately if I was ever able to get the same message across to each of them.