RG01.4 Bush the bully

The news media has missed a big story, part of a typical “Friday afternoon dump.” The technique was made popular by the Soviets, announcing news they didn’t want repeated on Fridays after the A-string in news went home. Since most people get their news from TV (not only the anchors, but also the late night comedians), Friday afternoon means people won’t be watching again until Monday evening and by then, it’s not news anymore. Anyway, Bush announced a “pocket veto” of the Defense Appropriations Bill. But Congress is technically still in session, so no pocket veto is possible. He’s spoiling for another Constitutional show-down. If the veto holds, then they must have not been in session, and so he can make recess appointments. Worst case, he’s daring the Congressional leaders to call back 535 lawmakers, ruining their holiday break, to have real sessions. What a bully.