RG 38.1 – staying unpredictable

I could talk about tax increment financing all day long, about how it’s related to the latest Nobel Peace Prize, and why regular people can’t quite wrap their brains around it. There is no better tool available right now for improving downtown. But I won’t write about those things this week. Here’s why. People get bored easily. I know I do. And all it takes is a set of three for people to believe they know where you are going. Once they think they know where you’re taking them, the next response is “wake me when we get there.”

My goal with these columns is to excite people’s imaginations. To keep some curious, to make others curious again, and to remain curious myself. Caprice is our surest weapon.

So this week, I’ll go far afield from my usual stomping grounds, on purpose. I’ll write about the University of Oregon football team. But don’t worry — I think I have found a way to tie it back in to our city in general and how we think of ourselves in particular.

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