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KUGN – nonprofits

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

Heres a little trivia question for you. How many non-profit organizations are based here in Lane County? The number Im told is 367. Thats an astounding number. You want to know about that amazing quality of life quotient we have around here this is a good piece of it, right here. It means that everywhere you go, there are people who say every working day that moneys not the point. This number 367 just begs for a page-a-day calendar, dont you think? Especially with non-profits producing calendars as fundraisers and grabbing headlines by what they dare to reveal. But the number is still too high. Giving every organization only one day, there arent enough days to go around, even in a leap year. So who will double up? Friends of Eugene and Friends of the Library could share a day because, well, because theyre so friendly. Or Committed Partners for Youth and the Lane Metro Partnership. Or Birth to Three and No on Nine. You see. Its a real problem. Too much of a good thing. An embarrassment of riches. Or I guess it would be an embarrassment of non-riches, except nobody should be embarrassed. Not for a calendar.

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