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KUGN – Mondays

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

Ive done a little research and I have some startling news for you about the presidential campaign. Of the candidates who remain, there are only two who have a chance at greatness. Its really not that hard to figure this out. Im actually quite surprised CNN and others havent picked up on it.

You can tell the truly great presidents because they have holidays to mark their birthday. They lead the nation. We love them. We get a day off from work. We really love them. This is how it works. But heres what nobody has noticed. All these presidential birthdays fall on Monday. Only two candidates still running were born on a Monday.

You lefties out there; youre gonna love this. The two who were born on a Monday, the only two with even a chance of being great enough to get us another day off from work, are Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich.
Its true. Monday, February 27, 1934 for Ralph.
Monday, October 8, 1946 for Dennis.
Its just too bad their names are Ralph and Dennis. But hey, overcoming adversity — thats what greatness is all about.

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