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KUGN – incompetence insurance

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

My friend Patrick has come up with a fantastic idea to keep the American economy humming: incompetence insurance. This would allow the ever-growing service sector to benefit from one of the shrewdest ideas used in the world of manufactured goods. Incompetence insurance would be just like the extended warrantee they tried to sell you for that DVD player you bought at Christmas. Surely somebody laughed at the person who first suggested anyone could make money by cautioning a buyer that the product will probably break in a year or two, before theyve even paid for the product. Incompetence insurance should be available for any service: a few extra bucks for a prepared tax return, a few cents on top of a happy meal price. In return for that small investment, the provider will promise to fix anything done wrong. Otherwise, consumers will get what they usually get now: a sad look and a sincere apology. Incompetence insurance only makes sense in our buyer beware culture. This way I as a seller can successfully make it the buyers fault if they didnt protect themselves from my incompetence. I know, it sounds so simple, somewhere it must already be true.

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