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KUGN – billions

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

The presidents budget this year is 2.4 trillion dollars. The governor needs to trim several hundred million dollars from Oregons budget to make ends meet. Its hard to imagine what these numbers really mean, so this week Im going to help you relate to these otherwise meaningless statistics. If you laid 50 million dollar bills end to end, it would take an army of several battalions to keep passersby from picking up the dollars already laid down behind you. And even with that, the slightest little breeze could make for a very costly little headache. 2.4 trillion — now thats a big number. If you had a jar with 2.4 trillion peanuts, um, no — M&Ms are better. If youre going to have 2.4 trillion of something, it should be something you really like. Anyway, it would take you a really long time to eat them, like if you trick or treated every home in America and every one of them gave you M&Ms and you were the last kid and they wanted to get rid of everything left so they could turn the porch light off and go to bed. A case or two, I dont know, maybe more. The point is, youd be sick of M&Ms before Thanksgiving, thats for sure.

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