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Tighten your metaphorical belts

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

After Measure 30 went down, the talking heads were saying that Oregon voters are demanding kitchen table economics from their leaders in Salem. Taxpayers are trimming their budgets, living within their means, doing more with less, so government should just follow their lead. Look, I love a metaphor as much as the next guy, but this is just a metaphor. Do we really want to sit around the table and decide that the kids will have to skip lunch every other day or that the tooth that sis cracked on the swing set will have to wait for a month, even if it starts swelling and it hurts like heck. The house is cold because the power bill didn’t get paid and the firewood is all used up, but hey, the furniture will burn, as long as you don’t leave the chairs under the spots where the roof leaks or too near the hole where the rats are climbing in at night. The young kids have started smoking because, well, because nobody’s telling them not to. And young Aunt Jenny will be living with us because she’s pregnant and then she got hit by her boyfriend and there’s noplace else for her to go. But hey, we’ll make do. And if we need a cup of sugar, we’ll just knock on California’s door and ask for some.

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