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Grand Jury (Day 17) – And the winner is …

August 10th, 2005 by dk

I spent some time looking more closely at the trophies in the case on the first floor, which was deemed by many to be suspicious behavior. To save others any similar embarrassment, here are the winners. In all there were six plaques, 30 trophies, and a football.


  • 1956 Longest Flight, Bass Lake
  • 1979 2nd Place, 2-man Team (Expert), O.P.O.A.
  • 1979 Winner, Police Combat Match
  • 1980 Certificate of Appreciation, Easter Seals
  • 1982 Commemorative Traffic Control, BMD


  • 1972 4th Team, Convention Shoot, O.P.O.A.
  • 1973 1st Master, L.O.P.D.
  • 1973 3rd Team (Expert), Portland
  • 1973 1st Master Team
  • 1973 1st Expert Team
  • 1973 3rd Expert Team
  • 1974 1st Master 4-man Team
  • 1974 L.O.P.D.
  • 1974 O.P.O.A.
  • 1974 1st Master 4-man Team, O.P.O.A.
  • 1974 1st Master 4-man Team, O.P.O.A.
  • 1974 1st Master Team, W.S.C.O.
  • 5 more trophies: 3 lacking dates, 2 with no markings at all


  • 1967 2nd Mens League, Country Place Golf
  • 1968-69 Hi Team Game, Freeway Bowling
  • 1970 2nd Mens League, Country Place Golf
  • 1970 2nd Wed. Tourney Softball
  • 1970 3rd Wed. Slow Pitch Softball
  • 1971 Sportsmanship, Softball
  • 1972 2nd (Sponsor), Candlelighters Bowling
  • 1972-73 1st (Commercial) Bowling
  • 1973 2nd Willamalane Basketball
  • 1975 Sportsmanship, Stadium Club Softball
  • 1980 Winner, 1st Heat, Hamburger Eating Contest
  • 1980 Grand Prize Winner, Hamburger Eating Contest


  • 8/30/80 – LCSO 25, EPD 0

    From this collection, a few patterns emerge.

    1. Unless you count their work on traffic control or for the Easter Seals, the most recently rewarded efforts were in 1980 for trouncing the Eugene Police Department in football and eating the most hamburgers. (The largest trophy in the entire case is the Grand Prize Pig Bowl Hamburger Eating Contest.)

    2. 1973 and 1974 were the glory years for gun-handling or marksmanship, though only two of the four winners in the 4-man Team contest (1974) took their trophies home. Whoever these winners were, it’s a safe bet that today, more than 30 years later, they have all retired or otherwise left the force.

    3. Sheriff deputies and cops played competitive sports until around 1973, then competed with other people who use guns for a few years, then ate hamburgers for prizes. But since 1980, our law enforcement personnel have nothing to show for their comraderie and competitive spirit. Or if they do, they no longer show it to the public. Twenty-five years without any display of public pride or without any cause for it — either way, a quarter century is a long time.

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