Urban Design Archive

How We Look Shapes What We See

The boss won’t see the bugs or the birds or the straw — but he will see that one tree, standing alone in the tract he paid you to clear.

Downtown Solutions Disappoint; Here’s What Will Work

The report’s suggested solutions ... are wholly unoriginal — a paint-by-numbers picture of a bright and cheery downtown in Anyplace, USA.

Isle of Man Addresses a Deeper Issue

Each of them wondered why I saw their system as problematic, but each had stories of problems they had personally encountered.

Free Cake Parade for Eugene Graduates

Putting a solution ahead of a problem is not always a bad thing, especially when it involves free cake.

Three Views of Competition (From the Street)

If I had seen these three in the grocery line ahead of me, I might not have noticed much difference between them. But stories shine in ways statistics can’t.

Greater Greater Eugene

We knew our claim for recreational greatness would not be challenged, but in a state without a sales tax, you can’t build an economy with good shows and plenty of open space.

Deady’s Different on the Inside. We All Are.

Remove the threshold and a building becomes a sculpture — an entirely different thing. The threshold brings outsiders in. It sends insiders out.

Food Trucks Need Room to Roll

If we can restripe Willamette Street to see how drivers adapt, we can allow our roving restaurants to rove. At the very least, it’s another experiment worth trying.

Smart Signals Make Drivers (and Driving) Worse

To achieve those greater efficiencies, drivers must cooperate with one another. That may be too much to ask. “We have taught people to drive badly, on purpose and at great expense”....

Eugene’s Diversity Shines at Yard Sales

In Eugene, we love diversity more than we experience it. So when we encounter any spectrum of human identity or endeavor that’s wider than the norm, it’s worth noting. As we glide toward our spectacularly non-diverse summer