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America Loves Strongman Leaders … Every 72 Years

February 1st, 2019 No Comments

Only four U.S. presidents have ever suspended habeas corpus protections — imprisoning Americans without a trial. If you have 36 cents in your pocket, I can show you the faces of the first three.


Trump’s Negotiating Tricks Are Limited

January 20th, 2019 No Comments

Trump’s shutdown and its related antics are his attempt to create a “take it or leave it” asymmetry. It’s failing.


Our Bipolar Presidential Election History

January 19th, 2019 No Comments

Apart from Reagan’s magnetism, our presidential elections have swung from left to right with metronomic regularity for 64 years.


Nation Should Hear Oregon’s Primary Concerns

January 18th, 2019 No Comments

Two or three days of uninterrupted attention is about as much as Oregon could bear — or, frankly, deserves.


DeFazio Has a New Tool in This Congress

January 12th, 2019 No Comments

A Congressional seat offers five different paths to wielding substantial influence in Washington. The first three have very little to do with lawmaking, and the fourth has too much. DeFazio has pursued the fifth.


Let Trump Sell “Made in America” to Americans

December 17th, 2018 No Comments

Can our president persuade people to pay extra for patriotism? Americans have begun to think of themselves as citizens second and customers first. This could reverse that trend.


Suffrage Lessons

October 11th, 2018 No Comments

Even when our best do their best, the ideal is seldom reached. Moral clarity benefits from hindsight. History reveals what few can discern. Humility should be longevity’s lesson to each of us.


Searching for the Sweet Spot Between Monarchy and Anarchy

July 30th, 2018 No Comments

The Hammonds have claimed to be “victims of government overreach,” but the facts presented at trial show a case of “government reach.” For decades, they flouted federal grazing statutes and required range management practices. Each reprimand they received resulted in little more than a slap on the hand.


Trump Deserves Our Synchronized Shrug

July 30th, 2018 No Comments

Trump is not a politician. He’s an executive producer. He doesn’t want respect so much as ratings. Our approval doesn’t matter to him. Our attention does.


North Korea Talks Won’t Be What We Think

May 18th, 2018 No Comments

If a summit leads to a truce, which leads to unification of the island, Korea could become a regional powerhouse that dwarfs Japan and serves China. The United States will have no economic leverage.