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Uber Could Help Eugene’s Economy in Two Ways

Residents may find themselves getting into a neighbor’s car. This detail could end up being more important than you think. To explain why, let me take you on a little side trip.

It’s Time for the West Coast to Unite

A unified front against Daylight Saving Time would expose the silliness for what it is. Think of the move as secession-lite.

Putting the Flyer in Radio Flyer™

Beneath our parading self-importance, we’re silently amazed that we can carry so much stuff — so much important stuff! — around with us.

Isle of Man Addresses a Deeper Issue

Each of them wondered why I saw their system as problematic, but each had stories of problems they had personally encountered.

How Eugene Looks From Afar

In this way, the work of the hike is inseparable from the reward. The view from above is better for those who earned it.

Ireland Looks Like Oregon

In 1963, Ireland imposed what they called a Turnover Tax of 2.5 percent. It was controversial in its time because it was assessed to each transaction, with no deductions for expenses. In concept and calculation, it’s identical

Learning to Uproot Social Ills From the Ground Up

I spent an hour this morning weeding. Of course, I couldn’t do something boring like that without thinking about things. My first thought was how boring weeding can be — boring, but necessary. Well, only necessary if

Facebook Could Build Communities Out of Tragedies

Symbols of support are sticky. They hold us together, even when there’s not much substance in common.

World Comes To Eugene’s Taste Buds

Restaurants are like skyscrapers. The first sense they make is never economic. Any entrepreneur who thinks opening a restaurant will be easy because “everybody eats” will learn quickly their mistake. There’s a reason there are no nationwide

Solving ISIS

Fortunately, we have a couple of dozen billionaires who could not only quell the violence in the Middle East, but make money doing it.