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Gerrymandering Can Be Fixed With Local Solutions

Borderline demonstrates how easy it is to manipulate district lines to give an advantage to one party over the other. The databases are not to be used for commercial purposes, but why not? What if the same

Put Kesey Square in the Center of the Universe

In a way that the Merry Pranksters would appreciate, the brass circles would encourage exploratory wandering, forcing the daily bustle to slow down a bit.

A New Approach to Gun Control: Give Every American One

Here’s my modest proposal. Give every American, when they register to vote, a gun. Each American can keep it or give it back, but that’s it. If America is going to keep a militia, let it be

Gifts Are Becoming More Immaterial

Why did Phil Knight decide to sell shoes? Why did Jeff Bezos start his empire with eBooks? How did Steve Jobs reinvent how music is played? Each had the same insight.

It’s Time for the West Coast to Unite

A unified front against Daylight Saving Time would expose the silliness for what it is. Think of the move as secession-lite.

Rainy Day Funds Should Be Protected

Elected officials might think twice about balancing their budget by dipping into the “Political Cowardice Fund.”

We May Need the Beast to Escape the PERS Hole

It’s deeper than anyone thought, because PERS retirees are being paid their defined benefits for longer than the actuaries estimated.

Stuffing Stockings Without Stuff

Food is always front and center at every holiday, but not all food gifts contain actual calories.

Making Comes Before Greatness

The roots of satisfaction push upward into stems of confidence, which can then flower into ambition. History has shown when Americans become ambitious, greatness takes care of itself.

Debate in 1980 Defined Liberals and Conservatives

The second most watched debate in American television history occurred on Tuesday, October 28, 1980.