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Lame Holiday Season Looms

As fall turns to winter this year, the stories about elected officials doing their work (or not) may ignore the holiday break. It could be so bad that families feel compelled to keep television news blaring throughout

State Dept Promotes Punctuated Equilibrium

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has gotten almost a dozen senior officials convicted or pleading guilty to various crimes, so we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this administration believes that most sentences are too long.

Our Political Dysfunction (Easily) Explained

In our checks-and-balance system, the checks maintain balance. Each branch keeps other branches from grabbing too much power. But this is a different problem. One branch has collapsed, so the other branches lean in and step up

Grand Unified Theory of Political Dysfunction

In our checks-and-balance system, the checks maintain balance. Each branch keeps other branches from taking too much power. But what we’re seeing now is different. When one branch collapses, the other branches lean in and step up

Election 2018: 501 Stories — All Different

This diversity is not about virtue. It’s about surviving and thriving in all sorts of different political environments. It has nothing to do with identity politics or group entitlements.

We Need a Rural WeWork Model

WeWork’s success relies on the serendipity of meeting others using adjoining workspaces. Can some of the benefits of proximity be replicated in a digital world? What would bring rural neighbors together around shared economic benefits?

Collusion is Happening in Broad Daylight

Every time the president attacks the independent press, he is doing from the inside what Russia cannot do from outside. Every time Congress passes a tax cut or expands a war without paying for it, the vicious

How Dems Should Handle SCOTUS Nominee

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer should allow every woman in his caucus to vote her conscience, but every male senator should vote to confirm the nominee, if he’s willing to pledge his recusal....

Searching for the Sweet Spot Between Monarchy and Anarchy

The Hammonds have claimed to be “victims of government overreach,” but the facts presented at trial show a case of “government reach.” For decades, they flouted federal grazing statutes and required range management practices. Each reprimand they

Weakened Filibuster Promotes Mobocracy

Our Founding Fathers did not want to trade one tyranny for another. The tyranny of the majority worried them more than almost anything else. A pure democracy held no interest for them — no majoritarian marches.