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Call Our Mass Killings What They Are

August 16th, 2019 No Comments

Think of the superstitions that support our status quo. … Superstitions eventually require oblations. We’ve reached that point.


Self-Selection is Diversity’s Natural Predator

August 16th, 2019 No Comments

Diversity accelerates adaptation, once self-selection has been removed. Allegiance to one another and to those who came before occurs less naturally, and so less often. History has less sway on the future.


Outrage is Not Easily Contained

August 10th, 2019 No Comments

I watched how outrage brought people together more powerfully than anything else. It worried me. Outrage is rage aimed at outsiders. Both halves of that formula are dangerous.


Surveillance Capitalism Won’t be Benign

July 21st, 2019 No Comments

The watchful eye isn’t similar to a concerned parent, or even a “big brother.” Think instead of Santa Claus, without the gifts and the fatherly wink.


Enjoy Yourself, But Mostly Enjoy Each Other

July 20th, 2019 No Comments

If building community is your goal, throw a party. The shared effort and the common goal will bring people together — even if it’s for nothing but fun.


Jim Can’t Sleep

July 9th, 2019 No Comments

How is it that we don’t consider “trigger warnings” for memories and feelings that involved actual triggers?


Californians Can’t Turn Left Like We Can

July 8th, 2019 No Comments

Our brain’s hippocampus area makes a mental map of an area, to keep us from getting lost. But now we’re learning that the same part of the brain also helps us make choices that reach our aspirations.


Overwhelmed? Join the Club

July 5th, 2019 No Comments

Since no one else is complaining, we assume that we’re the only ones who feel like we’re not keeping up — while those around us feel and assume the same things.


Is There a Plan B for the Lane County Courthouse?

May 18th, 2019 No Comments

Leaders try to keep things clear for voters — up or down, yes or no. That may be smart politically, but it’s not how any of us make real choices in life. Politics seldom resembles real life, but both might be better if it did.


Oregonians Are Sturdy

April 26th, 2019 No Comments

After the recent snowstorms felled thousands of trees, forest officials came up with a brilliant plan to clear out a good bit of that deadwood. They doubled the amount of permitted firewood Oregonians are allowed for forage from the forest floor.