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Climate Reparations May Bypass the President

If you and I own a cabin together and I trash the cabin during my visit, I’m responsible for all the repairs, even though I own only half the cabin. The legal framework is really that simple.

Election Result Has 101 Explanations

#68. In the candidate’s own words, “What have you got to lose?”

Kesey Square Can Wait, Bishoff Baggage Can’t

Except for reliable rants on Facebook, his opinions are heard now only by those who play golf or poker with him.

Endorsing Endorsements

A funny thing happened to me a few weeks ago at the United States Supreme Court. I didn’t laugh out loud, but almost. And as I have reflected on it, it points to an important experiment we’re

No Safe States in 2016

Will America swoon to the voice of demagoguery on Tuesday? If not, we don’t dare let it be close.

Debate in 1980 Defined Liberals and Conservatives

The second most watched debate in American television history occurred on Tuesday, October 28, 1980.

Chip Kelly Traded Away Autzen’s 12th Man

Coaches can’t be everywhere, but fans can — if there are enough of them. But fans have been taken out of the game. We’re that wallpaper that one coach couldn’t stand.

“Stranger Danger” Fans Our Fears

The news we’re told is mostly bad, shorn of context and unavoidable.

New Media is Growing Up

“He said, she said” has been transformed into “they saw, we saw.”

Trump is Now the Face of Deregulation

President Reagan vetoed legislation that would have affirmed the public policy enforced by the Federal Communications Commission since 1949. Within months, Rush Limbaugh moved from a local radio show in Sacramento to become a national broadcaster out