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Fripperies Galore

In retrospect, we should have become suspicious when we all suddenly needed an appliance called a "food processor."

Sitting Can Be So Inspirational

I’ve been pondering this week that you can’t spell “team” without “tea.” Sitting back and sipping a morning beverage without a looming deadline or a critical editor sounds pretty good right about now.

Year-End Fripperies (With Leftovers Aplenty)

My package arrived without incident. Incident was mailed separately.

Hats Off

Maybe I’ve seen too many video captures of bank robbery suspects wearing baseball caps, but I can feel a deep urge inside me to ask for candy or cash.

We May Need the Beast to Escape the PERS Hole

It’s deeper than anyone thought, because PERS retirees are being paid their defined benefits for longer than the actuaries estimated.

Festive Year-End Fripperies

Put your bathroom scale in front of the fridge. Shift your attention from effect to cause.

Putting the Flyer in Radio Flyer™

Beneath our parading self-importance, we’re silently amazed that we can carry so much stuff — so much important stuff! — around with us.

Being Donald is Harder Than Ever

We didn’t fear when “The Donald” burst into national consciousness two decades ago. We were inoculated early, protected from any damage caused by cartoon characters.

Fripperies So Soon

No one should feel obligated to buy anything in an airport’s Duty Free shop.

Fifth Friday Fulminations

I’m not usually a pessimist, but I opened a can of soup the other day with an expiration date in 2018 and I thought, “Well, that’s presumptuous.”