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Suffrage Lessons

Even when our best do their best, the ideal is seldom reached. Moral clarity benefits from hindsight. History reveals what few can discern. Humility should be longevity’s lesson to each of us.

Winning is More Complex Than We Knew

Amoral computers seem to be teaching humans how to prevail at any cost, by bending rules without breaking them.

EWEB Riverfront Park Plan Answers What, But Not Why

Those who have not been trained in the discipline confuse design with decoration. Decoration is fundamentally additive. ... Design, on the other hand, reaches beauty not by exertion but discernment.

You Can’t Tell the President to Buzz Off

Presidential Alerts suddenly make the President’s Twitter feed seem quaint.

Minor Pleasures of Eugene Fandom

We witness pure joy. It appears during competition — but it actually comes from the learning. Mastery is deeply satisfying. That satisfaction cannot be hidden.

Climate Hardships Fall Unevenly

The rain (or lack thereof) does not fall equally on the just and the unjust. The dismay Kristen feels is not distributed equally across the political spectrum.

Murphy’s Law and the American Midwest

The stories we tell animate the world around us, and many people in the heartland have gotten used to shading their stories in darker tones.

Collusion is Happening in Broad Daylight

Every time the president attacks the independent press, he is doing from the inside what Russia cannot do from outside. Every time Congress passes a tax cut or expands a war without paying for it, the vicious

Weakened Filibuster Promotes Mobocracy

Our Founding Fathers did not want to trade one tyranny for another. The tyranny of the majority worried them more than almost anything else. A pure democracy held no interest for them — no majoritarian marches.

Grateful Dead Has Endured By Sharing

Those who came late to the movement have never lacked access to its origins. No one bothered to scrub the imperfections — they celebrated them instead.