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Superman Never Had Sandy’s Sly Smile

Bozo’s Circus was televised live every weekday at noon on WGN-TV. Every kid in Chicagoland dreamed of someday being in the audience for this show.

Unasked Questions for Judge Kavanaugh

Do you believe your outrage today against a secret pro-Clinton cabal comports well with the temperament required of a Supreme Court justice?

Murphy’s Law and the American Midwest

The stories we tell animate the world around us, and many people in the heartland have gotten used to shading their stories in darker tones.

Where I Learned My ABCs in Community Organizing

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people back then who had the same hesitations expressed in Bethel last week. We all say we want diversity, but when diversity moves in next door, things can look very

More Car Shopping Thoughts

In the end, I bought a car from a local fellow who advertised in the newspaper and probably nowhere else. I can’t be sure that I got the best deal, but he also can’t be sure he

Car Shopping Has Become Very Complicated

There are so many places to look, no one is seeing everything any more. We were all on the same page — back when we had pages and not screens.

Best Seat in the Hayward House

Pole vaulters need superior strength, technique, and timing to succeed. Those three can be seen best from seat O-14-14.

Women’s Basketball Rewards Attendees With Joy

Most of what you’ll see if you go to the game is not quantifiable. When Hebard and Ionescu execute the pick-and-roll, it’s poetry in motion. Where is joy listed on the stat sheet?

The Attention Economy Names Our Price — It’s Alarmingly Low

This is no longer the Information Age, if it ever was. Information has certainly become super-abundant, but it was always a means to an end. We’re learning to call this the Attention Economy, because that’s really what

TSA Pre Makes Airport Travel Relatively Less Terrible

TSA Pre doesn’t make those hassles disappear, but it lessens them. The expedited process is strategically placed beside the regular process. Everyone can see that you’re getting special privileges.