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Sailing, Stillness and Scents

When you’re on a boat, you don’t have much, but it’s seldom not enough. When a need becomes known, sharing occurs quickly and naturally.

Let Us Gather and Worship Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was meeting a need we had never voiced, but he heard it nevertheless. He must have.

Hats Off

Maybe I’ve seen too many video captures of bank robbery suspects wearing baseball caps, but I can feel a deep urge inside me to ask for candy or cash.

Weeding Up Close

I’ve never been much of a gardener. I respect others who toil in the soil, but I’d rather dig through research books and plant ideas in people’s heads. I know the leverage in language better than a

Stuffing Stockings Without Stuff

Food is always front and center at every holiday, but not all food gifts contain actual calories.

Give Us Winter, Eugene!

I figure on most days, you give us three days’ worth of weather. That’s like living to be 100 before we hit middle age.

We Must Separate Our Power From Our Privilege

Refusing to exert whatever power accompanies our position or privilege — that’s the sort of leadership we need right now.

Being Donald is Harder Than Ever

We didn’t fear when “The Donald” burst into national consciousness two decades ago. We were inoculated early, protected from any damage caused by cartoon characters.

Three Views of Competition (From the Street)

If I had seen these three in the grocery line ahead of me, I might not have noticed much difference between them. But stories shine in ways statistics can’t.

New Media is Growing Up

“He said, she said” has been transformed into “they saw, we saw.”