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Housing Solutions Must Include Ownership Opportunities

Given the choice between a subsidized rental or a small space that includes ownership, how many would choose the latter? We don’t know, because it’s not available.

Collusion is Happening in Broad Daylight

Every time the president attacks the independent press, he is doing from the inside what Russia cannot do from outside. Every time Congress passes a tax cut or expands a war without paying for it, the vicious

LTD Should Use Windfall to Build Ridership

If the University of Oregon followed Oregon State’s lead, or if residents were willing to pay a TOF, we could have a free system. But there are smaller steps LTD could take in that direction.

Searching for the Sweet Spot Between Monarchy and Anarchy

The Hammonds have claimed to be “victims of government overreach,” but the facts presented at trial show a case of “government reach.” For decades, they flouted federal grazing statutes and required range management practices. Each reprimand they

Weakened Filibuster Promotes Mobocracy

Our Founding Fathers did not want to trade one tyranny for another. The tyranny of the majority worried them more than almost anything else. A pure democracy held no interest for them — no majoritarian marches.

Trump Deserves Our Synchronized Shrug

Trump is not a politician. He’s an executive producer. He doesn’t want respect so much as ratings. Our approval doesn’t matter to him. Our attention does.

Where I Learned My ABCs in Community Organizing

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people back then who had the same hesitations expressed in Bethel last week. We all say we want diversity, but when diversity moves in next door, things can look very

STAR Voting is Simply Powerful

Mark Frohnmayer and Alan Zundel ... can be likened to salmon swimming upstream. Whether they can reach their goal and spawn a new format for voting remains to be seen.

UO Should Freeze Tuition to Raise Retention Rates

A four-year fixed fee would give President Schill significant leverage to graduate more students within four years. It would reward students who stay focused and serious about their studies.

More Car Shopping Thoughts

In the end, I bought a car from a local fellow who advertised in the newspaper and probably nowhere else. I can’t be sure that I got the best deal, but he also can’t be sure he