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Here’s to Our Horizontal Heroes

Willey’s restaurants regularly win awards from patrons and food critics, but don’t be distracted by the accolades — because its owner isn’t. She shows up for work every day.

How to Guarantee Eugene’s Town Square Success

The details of our needs change over time, so we must always return to the intent of the gift and the vision of its donors. If Eugene and Lane County have a central hub, it belongs on

EWEB Riverfront Park Plan Answers What, But Not Why

Those who have not been trained in the discipline confuse design with decoration. Decoration is fundamentally additive. ... Design, on the other hand, reaches beauty not by exertion but discernment.

Our Political Dysfunction (Easily) Explained

In our checks-and-balance system, the checks maintain balance. Each branch keeps other branches from grabbing too much power. But this is a different problem. One branch has collapsed, so the other branches lean in and step up

Minor Pleasures of Eugene Fandom

We witness pure joy. It appears during competition — but it actually comes from the learning. Mastery is deeply satisfying. That satisfaction cannot be hidden.

Climate Hardships Fall Unevenly

The rain (or lack thereof) does not fall equally on the just and the unjust. The dismay Kristen feels is not distributed equally across the political spectrum.

How To Make Utility Bills More Fair

No one disputes that conservation should be encouraged. Pricing structures shape public behavior. Habits are harder to change than rates. As things stand, the champions of conservation pay nearly double the per-unit rate as those who use

We Need a Rural WeWork Model

WeWork’s success relies on the serendipity of meeting others using adjoining workspaces. Can some of the benefits of proximity be replicated in a digital world? What would bring rural neighbors together around shared economic benefits?

Keep Eugene Weird

Now more than ever, we must preserve and protect those things about us that make absolutely no sense. We have to support outdoor tuba concerts, mausoleum tours, nude beaches for middle-aged bathers, and our S.L.U.G. Queen pageant.

Downtown Eugene: Up, Up, or Away

We can stop regretting decisions made in 1968. Maybe they weren’t good or bad — just too soon. It’s taken us 50 years to grow into our taller skin, but now we have. We can feel good