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Mystery Around Conductor’s Firing Hurts Everyone

When how much we care outstrips how much we know, we find ways to match the two. Rumors and innuendo fill the gap. Conspiracy theories breed in the darkness of not knowing.

Rent-Seeking May Be What Pot Entrepreneurs Are (Really) Seeking

If government officials in Eugene or Creswell are uncomfortable giving commercial protections to private enterprises, here’s a way they can shape how commerce grows without such a heavy hand.

Paid Parking Can Make People Feel Free

Eliminate every possible confusion with improved signage. Parking garages are elaborately ramped circles, so people naturally feel spun around.

Rickies Return, Older and, Well, Older

Whenever I hear about ‘micro-aggressions,’ I get confused. If they’re micro-anything, you shouldn’t be able to see them without special equipment. How hard can it be to get over anything that’s so small that it’s called micro?

Curiosity Could Grow With Gap Year Popularity

Spend an hour in the Safeway near campus on a Friday evening and you’ll see that giving students plenty of choices doesn’t necessarily give them the skill to choose between them. In fact, it’s often the reverse.

Fandom Sets Eugene Apart

We don’t do sport differently than other towns. Each sport follows rules that standardize competition across locations. What Eugene does differently is fandom. Our reputation has grown in sports where our style of fandom can make a

Downtown Solutions Disappoint; Here’s What Will Work

The report’s suggested solutions ... are wholly unoriginal — a paint-by-numbers picture of a bright and cheery downtown in Anyplace, USA.

Empathy, Not Information Will Solve Downtown Safety Issue

I learned under those stars what it meant to be a public servant, as opposed to an elected official. Everyone has their own unique calling that they need to follow. I found mine that night, 20 years

Nothing Revolutionary About Mob Mentality

Washington led the fight for a new country. Jefferson crafted a new form of government. But Madison, the youngest of the three, envisioned a new kind of society. His Bill of Rights has been our foundation for

Climate Reparations May Bypass the President

If you and I own a cabin together and I trash the cabin during my visit, I’m responsible for all the repairs, even though I own only half the cabin. The legal framework is really that simple.