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Greater Greater Eugene

We knew our claim for recreational greatness would not be challenged, but in a state without a sales tax, you can’t build an economy with good shows and plenty of open space.

Urban Renewal Needs Investment Professionals

Why doesn’t the Eugene City Council replace the agency’s current members with professionals who manage real estate, development, affordable housing, and investments all the time? They may believe bad luck could follow from breaking nine mirrors.

Eugene Can Grow (Up) This Week

This is where you come in. And go out, and then come in again.

Oregon Could Revive Localism With IP 28

IP 28 can revive localism, which is what we’ve lost in Hill’s mechanized, centralized, efficient-but-tasteless world.

World Comes To Eugene’s Taste Buds

Restaurants are like skyscrapers. The first sense they make is never economic. Any entrepreneur who thinks opening a restaurant will be easy because “everybody eats” will learn quickly their mistake. There’s a reason there are no nationwide

An Argument Against Single-Payer Health Care

A single-payer system would reduce the cost of delivering health care benefits, but it also would reduce the societal benefits that flow from job security and satisfaction.

Renew Eugene’s Renewal Agency

There was no harm in giving our city council the keys to downtown development when nothing was going anywhere, but now that things are moving, the council should slide over and give more control to people who

Oregon should regain its maximum minimum wage

We want our minimum to be above any line labeled as poverty, so let’s add 10 percent to declare a non-poor minimum wage of $12.82 for 2015. That’s not a bumper sticker number; it’s a “we did

(How to) Make Oregon a Hot Spot

What would companies charge for up to 4 million customers, on one bill? Probably less per person than you and I are paying right now.

Shame, Blame and Guilt

Call it grief, or post-traumatic stress, or a ghost, if you like — our memories shape our identity and our identity shapes our actions. We’re always coping with the past and the present at once.