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What Might Have Happened to Garrison Keillor

Donald Trump received more votes than Hillary Clinton in all but nine Minnesota counties. Trump’s strength across the country was in rural areas. Keillor’s weekly commentaries for the Washington Post Writers Group proved a poor companion in

Don’t Duck an Opportunity: Let Christobal and Leavitt Share

Any way you slice it, success in college football comes down to two positions — starting quarterback and head coach. The University of Oregon Ducks could shake up the status quo — and rattle every other team

Colliding DC Storylines

If Alabama votes before the final tax bill passes, the stakes will immediately become higher and the margins slimmer.

Keillor’s Removal Makes a Bad Plan Worse

Removing Keillor from a 30-year-old piece of art is beyond the dimly lit pale. Judas did worse, but he’s still in daVinci’s “Last Supper.”

SALT in Democrats’ Wounds

But spite doesn’t make good strategy. What’s simple in the Senate might prove impossible in the House.

Eugene Needs Fewer Losers — Here’s How

This is not a feel-good, trophy-for-everyone argument. Solutions that incorporate minority views are sturdier, more resilient, and often more creative.

Presidential McCain

As McCain battles brain cancer, he should see in the months ahead a chance to do the things that great presidents do.

Small Morsels About Food

Turkey, ham, roast beef, lamb — without those foods, the Earl of Sandwich would still be a viscount. The other days are celebrated with chocolate, which is likewise famous for its longevity.

Tax the Riches

It barely matters who they give their money to, so long as it doesn’t stay in their pocket. Economic dynamism is not that complicated.

Majority Rules is Not Enough

Politics is not like sport, or shouldn’t be. If winning is all that matters, then losers have nothing to do except wait for their turn to be winners.