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It’s Time for the West Coast to Unite

A unified front against Daylight Saving Time would expose the silliness for what it is. Think of the move as secession-lite.

Millrace Opportunity Abounds

Taken together, these two parties can handle the beginning and the end, leaving only the middle. Connecting those dots shouldn’t be difficult.

Flying People Belong Together

It’s not a manger scene if Mary is behind the United ticket counter, Joseph is near Delta’s gate and the baby Jesus is swaddled in Allegiant’s warning display against oversized carry-on bags.

Plastics Could Be The End of the Future

Now the collection is “streamlined” — which sounds good, unless you’re the stream for which it’s bound.

Rainy Day Funds Should Be Protected

Elected officials might think twice about balancing their budget by dipping into the “Political Cowardice Fund.”

Envision a Party for Eugene’s Growth Boundary Decision

“Giving ground” to the other side can be in fact what’s necessary to release the interwoven tensions that trap both sides inside a controversy.

Mystery Around Conductor’s Firing Hurts Everyone

When how much we care outstrips how much we know, we find ways to match the two. Rumors and innuendo fill the gap. Conspiracy theories breed in the darkness of not knowing.

OSU Has Developed a Bluer Blue

Its purity somehow makes it both dark and bright. “It almost hurts to look at it,” observed Blake Day, his undergraduate student and a Willamette High School graduate. “Almost” is the operative word.

Rent-Seeking May Be What Pot Entrepreneurs Are (Really) Seeking

If government officials in Eugene or Creswell are uncomfortable giving commercial protections to private enterprises, here’s a way they can shape how commerce grows without such a heavy hand.

Are You in the Path of Total Eclipse Hype?

The Aztecs may have taken an eclipse as a bad omen, but we can’t be anything but grateful for even a small modicum of normality or predictability in the world around us.