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… be careful what you ask for …

March 27th, 2006 by dk

Somewhere, somebody is getting very unhelpful advice from the Internet.
Click here for a real search submitted by a real person. As I write this, I’m #2. NOW how do
you feel about the Internet as an information source?

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  • 1 michele Mar 28, 2006 at 10:36 am

    .I vote for a return to simplicity, learning from doing, searching through stacks of books to find answers (meanwhile of course discovering all sorts of fascinating projects) …. I treasure letters I’ve kept from my grandmother…the delicate stationery, the fountain penned thoughts, the beautiful script, …will our children recognize the value of handwritten notes–do they even know what their parent’s handwritten signatures look like? Who hasn’t gotten an e-card, forfeiting the pleasure of receiving the greeting card in the mail, the anticipation while opening the envelope, seeing the familiar script of a friend… I’d like to return to more personal communication, using the web for guarded reference but not as a substitute for voice and mail contac. I like gaining experience and knowledge the old fashioned way. Aaah…but it’s so easy to just hit reply or google a good recipe for jambalaya. for a bit longer I remain…from the sunny and getting warmer south, Michele btw, Don, how about your handwritten signature somewhere on your blog? (handwriting reveals, you know)